Tuesday, 13 January 2015

MyBoshi - Two great crochet books, and my attempt at Beanie making.

This month I celebrated my 24th birthday and my uncle was kind enough to buy a set of craft books for me that I'd been spying on in our local HobbyCraft shop. MyBoshi is a set of two books written by two two german guys on crochet, apparently they were inspired whilst on a gap year in Japan and are on a mission to make crochet a little bit more "cool". 

They say that Boshi is Japanese for "Beanie hat", and it goes without saying what the first book in the series (MyBoshi 1.0) teaches you to make! Sadly, it's not available on Amazon in english at the moment, I imagine it's out of print...but check it out here anyway. It is currently available in a set with wool and a crochet hook however! :)

The book itself comes with 3 labels that you can sew on after you're done, and is actually a really great read. They explain about their little trip to japan, and also have some fantastic drawings and instructions for those who have never attempted crochet before. The instructions are simple, clear and there's even a guide on how to read the pattern - it's crochet for idiots essentially! And for someone like me who's never progressed beyond the granny square, it was a great starting point. 

The authors teamed up with DMC (one of my favourite thread and wool makers) to do their own range of wool. The colours are fantastic and it's of a really high quality, although it is a little pricey! £3.50 is the average price for a 50g ball, but it is machine washable and the colour palette is wonderful. The wool itself is really chunky (You would use a size 6 crochet hook) and soft.  

Hobbycraft are stocking the whole palette (as well as the books and the other accessories in the series) but you can also find it all on amazon and eBay too. :) 
There's also a great online community that they've started where you can share your work and find out a bit more about the patterns, the authors and where to buy the wool/books/hooks etc here.

The second book; MyBoshi 2.0 is probably my favourite. It's branching into accessories like scarves, gloves and bags that go with the hats. Again it comes with labels for you to attach to them once you've finished. Also, there are some great patterns for kids in this book too, so you can make mini boshis! :)

Fortunately this book IS available on amazon here. Anyway, enough rambling on about the books themselves, time to show you my spoils! 

I decided on a pattern in the first book called Beppu. It's super cute! 

I actually really love the colours of this hat, but decided to do something a little more everyday colour wise. 

Here's me in my little Boshi!

I really like everything about these books, even the way they are printed! The editorial photos are so lovely, and the illustrations make the whole transition from novice messes to wearable items a lot simpler. The wool is fab, comfortable and washable! The hat I made only took my just over an hour to make, and even someone with no previous knowledge of crochet would do it in two. 

I also attempted a grey and orange hat for work, where I changed colour every round for a striped effect. :)

Finally, there are books with patterns in for things people actually want to wear! Apologies in advance to all my friends/family/colleagues, you'll all be getting hats soon as I'm an addict. 

Now, to master the pom-pom for the top of them! 

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