Friday, 22 August 2014

My Etsy Pattern Picks of the Week! Wedding and Birth Record Samplers Galore!

Finding a wedding sampler or a birth record sampler, has been something of an eternal search for me. Finding one that is indicative of the couple you're stitching it for, or in keeping with the decoration of their home seems impossible. But, I solider on and in the past have done a few successful stitches which have been received with the love and joy I'd hoped. 

I came across one of my favourite stores for wedding and baby samplers last year on Etsy; Happy Cupcake Creations.

I bought her Princess Peach pattern for the birth of a friend's baby:

Isn't it to die for? I'll do a post on this project itself later on once I've framed it. This is also available with Mario instead of Peach for those little princes out there. You can purchase this pattern here for a total of £3.07 and this little Mario one here for the same price. It is also available in a kit too. The finished piece is 12x16 inches once complete and has a palette of 22 colours. Here's a little sneak peak of the Princess herself!

She also has other Mario themed birth record samplers, as well as ones from Zelda and Dr Who. Here's another of my favourites:

This lovely Dr Who themed sampler is available here for £3.07 and is a total of 13.75x10.75 inches once complete with a colour palette of 7 colours.

Her wedding samplers are so cute too and full of geekery. There are Dr who, Mario and Zelda ones too, my favourite being this one:

This wedding or anniversary sampler is available from her shop here, again for £3.07. This is quite a small piece however and measures 8x6 inches when finished with a 22 colour palette. It's perfect for a standard 10x8 frame, which means you can avoid that ever so costly trip to the framers! 

All of the patterns from Happy Cupcake Creations are available as instant PDF downloads and they're clear and concisely laid out. My only trouble when stitching was that the pattern was in black and white, and whilst many don't find this a problem - I've always struggled with it.

My next pick is from the lovely Emma Congdon of Stitchrovia. She's my favourite designer at the moment and I adore her work, especially her contributions to CrossStitcher magazine. She designed the wedding sampler I did for my friend Emily and Chris in June (here). The pattern I've chosen from her collection is this one:

It's a great pattern that you can change the colours of to suit any d├ęcor. You can purchase this pattern for a princely £7.95 through her Etsy store here. It's a completely customisable pattern and again is available in an instant PDF download. The pattern itself is available in full colour and with instructions on how to change the numbers and letters in the banner. The completed design is 9x9cm so is quite small and easily frame-able.

Lastly I've chosen something simple from a store called Not So Modern Millie. Her store is largely full of beautifully simple patterns and quotes.  I chose her simple bunting wedding sampler, which she has entitled "Life's a Happy Song". This is a perfect pattern for a beginner and is very simply modified to include the initials and date of the happy couple.

The finished size of this project is 8.5x7 inches, so it's again easily framed or like in the photo, kept in the embroidery frame. It's an instant PDF download and you can purchase the pattern for £3.69 here

Don't forget to have a nosey around the stores of these lovely designers, there is plenty to be found amongst the rest of their patterns! Finding modern and easily customisable patterns for these sorts of occasion is particularly difficult and the pickings are often small, but luckily there are a few great designers out there who provide some choice.

Happy Stitching people! ^_^

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