Friday, 15 August 2014

Floss and Mischief's Stag Beetle - Review and Progress Photos.

In 2012, the lovely Genevieve of Floss & Mischief published a beautiful pattern for CrossStitcher magazine, in issue 256 and as soon as I saw it I knew one of my best friends would absolutely die for it. She's crazy into bugs and anything creepy crawly! 

So, I convinced her to have a go at stitching with a starter kit and she did great:

 Isn't it cute? Spurred on, she bought all the fabric and thread:

Aaaaand it all sat in a drawer for over a year...and when it came time for me to move house to change jobs, I had to spend some time at home beforehand and to dampen my boredom; I finally stitched this up for her. 

The Completed Article:

I really enjoyed doing this pattern and the symmetry of it it was perfect. Crossstitcher standardise all of the patterns they publish into a specific simplified format for their readers so it was well displayed, easily counted and the colour palete was great too. 
I know that Floss and Mischief have done quite a few large patterns for CrossStitcher Magazine and they've all be really earthy nature orientated designs. She followed this Stag beetle pattern on with a series of bug, butterfly and moth patterns in her Etsy shop. Here's a few of my favourites! She sells them as both kits (£14.99) and patterns on their own (£4.99).

Purple Beetle Pattern

Yellow Moth Pattern

Wine Bug Trio

Her patterns are fab and the yellow moth pattern is certainly on my to-do list! What do you think of all these creepy crawly cross stitches? Don't forget to check out her Etsy shop here.

Meanwhile, the lovely friend who I stitched this for turned 30 at the beginning of August and to celebrate we took a trip to the Ritz for high tea. I planned it to be a surprise and invited her mum to come along too in secret. It was a glorious day and the food was to die for! 

Gratuitious photos of the day:

Happy Birthday Mell! I love you! <3

Happy Stitching everyone. ^_^


  1. Hey! These are some great patterns. Have you come across any good 'Noah's Ark' Birth records? I want to make one for a friend's baby's Christening but can't find anything colourful but not full of flowers and hearts (it's for a boy). Thanks! xx

    1. Haha sorry I must have scrolled down a couple of posts- I had been looking at the one with suggestions of your favourite pattern ideas!