Thursday, 3 July 2014

Biscornu - French Adj; Quirky, Irregular, Skewed.

Biscornus are some of my favourite little things to do craft wise, and if you don't know what they are, traditionally they're used as pin cushions. Although I have made a few that are used as key chains, scissor keepers and others that are more ornamental. 

Anyway, aside from their usefulness or lack there of, I've actually done a fair few in my time as a crafter. I did one for my lovely friend Bryony Moss (who's work I'm going to feature soon), as she's a fashion designer and for her christmas gift one year I decided I'd have my first go at making one as I knew she'd make good use of it! 

I found the pattern online, a cheeky free one I found through google and this is what I came up with:

One of the rules when making a biscornu is that the size of both squares has to be an even number. I miscounted on this particular biscornu, so it was one stitch longer two sides. No one else would notice this, but being a perfectionist it will always annoy me. D'oh! 

I then made a series of Scissor keepers (which can also be used as key rings), one for myself and one for my best friend's mum. I found the pattern for this little one also on google from a blog called Aurelle, she's a french craft blogger and does all sorts of beautiful projects - Check her out! :) All her Biscornu patterns can be found Here.

I used the top one of the two patterns, and decided to do it all in orange for myself. 

I get a lot of compliments about my scissor keeper and I keep meaning to do more of them as gifts. They are fun to do, but it can be really strange doing the same thing twice...or if you're mad, doing a 15 sided pin cushion. 

A little like this one I did in blackwork - needless to say, when I learn a new skill I want to push its complexity as much as I can. Crossstitcher magazine did a small sample from one of my favourite books called Made In France: Blackwork and it was my first time seeing blackwork, as well as having a go at it. I picked 5 colours and 5 patterns and interchanged them to create the pin cushion below: 

The finished product:

I'm actually really proud of this project and the beading can be so cathartic once it's all together. And the button really makes it!! 

The next time I talk about biscornu's it'll be about this project and also, how you actually put the bloody things together!

So keep your eyes peeled for my geekery. :)


  1. That blackwork one is amazing! I was never really interested in blackwork until I saw it done in color. I love the different patterns and colors you used!

  2. I have wanted to make a biscornu forever, I just haven't ever found the courage. Think I need to just bite the bullet and get on with it! Yours look so good, you're super talented

  3. Love it <3 such a beautiful present. x