Sunday, 6 July 2014

Biscornu Deux - How To & My Companion Cube

In my last post, I talked a bit about the biscornu projects I'd done over the last few years. They can look very complex to do, but are in fact very simple provided a few rules are followed. 

I thought about doing my own how-to, but I certainly couldn't rival the work of the other bloggers and crafters who've already published clear and concise guides. A simple two sided biscornu is very simple to put together, and is essentially an offset square cushion. The basic principle is that you have two squares which you would straight stitch around the outside of (preferably an even number of stitches), and you attach the corner of one to the centre of the other, like so:

These photos belong to my favourite how-to craft blog; Own Two Hands, and it's where I first found out how to put them together myself. Isn't the pattern the cutest thing also? Creepy and cute! Click on the link to find the full tutorial on how to put it together completely.

You connect the two panels by stitching between the straight stitches...

And you can add beads as you go between the stitches.

But don't forget to stop on you way around to stuff it! 

Once it's stuffed, you continue sewing between the stitches to pull it closed.

Et Voila!

Thank you and credit to Katherine of Own Two Hands for her photos. :)

So when I decided to put together my Companion cube biscornu, I thought I'd use the same building principles to make a cube.

I laid the 6 sides into a cross shape and simply went around the edges before filling it with rice.

It was a gift for my friend Chris, who I know uses it as a paper weight on his desk. 

 This picture is just for scale :)

I found the pattern online through Pinterest and it took me to a website called Kandi Patterns, which is for smaller scale projects using Hama Beads or for pixel art. There's some great and cute stuff on that website, so definitely check it out! 


Happy stitching guys! And don't forget to share if you're inspired by this project! I know it would be awesome to see this as a large tapestry project.


  1. Nice! I want also make one time this! I like it!

  2. I've been really wanting to design and make a biscornu, it's been on my to do list for ages.
    And I really need to stitch up a companion cube!