Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Pinterest Finds - Blackwork

I've been on Pinterest since it started, and it's only in recent times that I discovered what a great resource it is for finding unusual patterns and most importantly ones that are free to view!

I did a little search for blackwork patterns before christmas and I found a whole host of beautiful patterns. You can view my Pinterest board full of patterns here

I settled on this little pattern here:

And I decided to make the pattern extra festive by using red 14ct aida and white thread. And instead of using French Knots (which are absolutely impossible - advice is absolutely welcome!), I used tiny little white seed beads. 

The festive season has long since finished, but I will have this framed and up for when the time comes!

Pinterest is such a great resource for these patterns, although I'm somewhat dubious about people losing out on their copy right and potential money earned if they aren't free. Anyway, here are a few of my favourite blackwork patterns I've been lucky enough to find:

Also, how awesome is this?

This work was done by a lovely lady called GatchaCaz, of GatchaStitch. I found her work through Pinterest, and I'm planning on doing a bit of a feature on her work shortly. It's incredible and she also makes patterns!! Here's another piece of her work, for just pure gratuitous awesome:


  1. Hello Cloe (see what I did there?)

    Can you please stitch me a Batman pattern?


    Executive Guy

    1. I have a post lined up about a batman project! I could be convinced to do another :)

  2. Yes indeed!

    I shall put on my best convincing hat and convince you...

    Convinced yet?

  3. I love the Christmas tree, the white really pops on the red! I really like the Sublime Stitching french knot tutorial. I've heard that Colonial knots are easier but I haven't tried them.

    I did a blackwork project for the first time for a Christmas gift and I really enjoyed it. I want to make more now!

  4. I love that tree, looks so festive in the red and white. I tried a little tiny blackwork project the other night and rather enjoyed it so I will definitely make more.
    For French knots, I was useless at them until I found weelittlestitches tutorial for them then I managed 6 consecutive successful knots in a row so would deffo recommend that tut.

    I found a really nice site with free blackwork patterns on it, I'll link you to it when I get home tonight.