Wednesday, 25 June 2014

A Foray Into Crochet - Beginners Luck; The Blanket Edition.

I've always been a bit dubious about crafts like knitting and crochet. The patterns are written in another language or several depending on where you find it (diagram pattern or written in shorthand), yarn and wool is ridiculously expensive and how on earth do you make something in thin air with string and a stick? (I'm obviously a deep

About two years ago I bought one of those bi-weekly magazines that promises to make you a crochet expert as long as you subscribe and at the end you should have some amazing patchwork blanket...but everyone knows that no one actually ever finishes these magazines or the long term projects that come with them really! (Really, do they??)

Anyway, I moved house recently to take a job in a town where I didn't know anyone and figured that whilst I get settled I should find things to occupy my time out of work. Cue a trip to hobby craft and a little kit like this

 I got this for about £3, and luckily it's back in the sale again! :-) 

I bought it as it has everything you need to get started to learn to crochet, but I found the instructions almost impossible to understand. So using the yarn and the crochet hook in the box, I ventured onto youtube and found some tutorial videos into basic stitches and here's a look at my very first few pieces of crochet:

 As you can see, I didn't exactly possess a natural talent for this kind of thing...but I'm stubborn as hell and I wouldn't let this beat me. With help from my lovely Instagram friends, I was able to be less wobbly and work on my tension a little better (although, this is still something I've struggled with). So, I tried my hand at doing something circular and then into a granny square.

I restarted this maybe three or four times, it took a fair amount of concentration to get it looking somewhat reasonable and with an even amount of tension. The wool in this kit wasn't the greatest, a cheap synthetic that made my hands sore pretty quickly, but for a beginners kit I would definitely recommend it. 

At this point, I felt brave enough to leave this here and buy some more hooks and wool and dive straight into making a blanket...

I bought a set of hooks on ebay for £1.99 (Here), and ventured into a local sell-everything shop and bought some chunky double knit wool in teal and pink, and so it began!

It started out really well and I was really enthused about the whole thing, and I had the very sore and red hands to prove it... 

It's still unfinished at the moment, but no doubt when the weather starts getting colder I will endeavour to finish it to keep me warm over the winter months. 

I still haven't got this tension thing right though....

ehehe, whoops! 

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